Exemption from School Attendance





Section A.  CONDITIONS OF EXEMPTION  (this part to be retained

by employer)

Under Regulations  29 and 30  of Part XII,   of the Defence (Agriculture  and Fisheries) Regulations,   1939,   it  is  open to  a       Local Education Authority  on representations by  the War Agriculture Executive  Committee  to  exempt  children  from  the obligation to attend School subject to the following conditions :-

  1. The  father or mother or the person having the actual custody
    of the child must  consent.
  2. Exemption must not be granted  for more  than  20 school meetings
    in any calendar year unless one  of H.M. Inspectors has given
    special approval.
  3. The child must have attained the age of 13 years.
  4. The hours  of  employment must  not  exceed 36   in any  one  week  or  7  in any  one  day  (including any other employment  besides  the agricultural).
  5. There must  be  a  continuous  interval  of at  least  one hour after  not more  than 4 hours’   work.
  6. Where half a day  is   spent  at  School  and  half at work there must    be an interval of at  least 1½ hours between School and work.
  7. The child must be suitably shod and suitably clad for protection against the weather
    1. Suitable  arrangements must have  been made  as far as practicable
      for supervision at work by a  responsible  person and  for the
      child’ s conveyance  if necessary  to  and  from work.
    2. If the  Local Education Authority  so  require   the child must  not

be  employed unless certified by a  registered medical practitioner  to be physically fit  to  be  employed  in agriculture.

10. Wages must  be paid at  not  less  than the   statutory  rates.

11.    The  child must  not be  employed  in  sugar beet  lifting, or in other
work involving heavy  strain.

  1.    The  child must not  be  employed under the control  of a gang master.

The Education Committee,   on the   recommendation of  the  War Agricultural    Executive  Committee,   require  the employer to  observe     the undermentioned conditions in addition to those laid down in the     Defence Regulation :-_

(a)   The  employer will be   responsible   for providing  any
conveyance which may be necessary  to get the  children
to  and  from the fields.  Children must  not be  conveyed
in open lorries without  side  boards, .and the  employer
must  arrange  for a  responsible   person (in addition

to the  driver)   to  supervise  the children and to ride on the body  of  the  lorry with  them.

(b)   The  employer must. make application to  the  School for
the   exemption of  the  children from school attendance
not  less  than three  days before the  date  on which the
employment will  begin.