Parish Meeting Minutes 1920-1921

1920: March 23rd

The Annual Meeting of the Parish was held in the Theatre.

Mr Cracroft was re-elected chairman, and Mr. Goffin and Mr Barker Neave Overseers of the poor.

On the application of the Assistant Overseer, Mr Charles Teather, for an increase of salary, the Meeting resolved to increase his salary from £15 to £20.

He has been Assistant Overseer for 25 years, commencing in March 1895 at a salary of £5.

It was decided to levy a drainage rate of one penny in the pound.

The lanes let for £2.11.0. , as last year.

The question of purchasing a recreation hut was discussed, but no definite decision was arrived at. The idea which seemed to find the most favour was to make the hut, if and when obtaines, an appendage to the Theatre.

E.W. Cracroft.


1921: February 26th

At a Parish Meeting held in the Old School, the 6 Constables chosen last year were re-appointed, namely C.W. Teather, Charles Taylor, F. Cabourne, A. Potter, J. M. Sims, E. Bradshaw.

E.W. Cracroft.