Hackthorn Church – New Lectern continued – July 1903

Garden Party at the Vicarage..— July 22 dawned upon us with clouds and rain, but as the day went on our fears were dispersed, and we were favoured with a perfect day for our gathering. The number that came was far beyond expectations, ninety sitting down to tea, and the takings at the gate showed that eighty-three came in after.

Tennis, croquet, etc., was indulged in up till 7 o’clock, when the rest of the evening was given up to singing and dancing. We hope as a result that, from the tea and gate money and proceeds of the Work Stall, some £7 or £8 will be added to the Lectern Fund, which we think very good.

We would here very heartily thank all those who so kindly helped on this occasion, or sent contributions for the Tea Tables or Work Stall.