New Lectern for Hackthorn Church

It is interesting to see that from July 1903 to May 1904 was the small amount of time for the money for the provision of a new Church Lectern requested by the Vicar to be accumulated.

Hackthorn Church must have been held in some esteem to receive gifts from outside the parish as mentioned in the Vicar’s letter of 2oth April 1904


April 20,1904

It is cheering to be able to report a slight increase in the number of our Easter communicants over that of last year. There were 46 at Hackthorn this year against 42 last year, and 19 at Cold Hanworth against 14 last year, making a total increase of 9. I trust as still more, not merely for the sake of having a large roll, but, because I believe the real strength of a Church lies in the number of its earnest godly communicants. Below will be found a statement of accounts fromĀ  Easter, 1903, to Easter, 1904. I think we should be pleased with the result, for when we remember the size of our parish, the amount collected will compare favourably with much larger and richer ones.

As we have now about enough money in hand for the Church Lectern, it is proposed to start a fund for cleaning the Church, and the profits of the Garden Party to be held at the Vicarage, the beginning of June will be given to this object.

We have received through Florrie Clarke, from a Lincoln lady, a splendid brass hanging lamp for the vestry. To her, with all those who have helped us with the money for the lectern and the lamps, we tender our heartfelt thanks.

I am, yours sincerely,