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20th December 1916

SCHOOL CONCERT – The school closed for the holidays on Wednesday, and the term ended with a most successful concert, arranged by the headmistress, Miss Tattershall, and carried out by the children in a most creditable manner. Parents and friends were made most welcome, and all six school managers attended and greatly appreciated the excellent order of the school children, and the tasteful manner in which Miss Tattershall had decorated the room. The classroom was devited to specimens of the children’s work, the infants’ models etc., attracting particular attention. The “Boys’ whistling song” was a new an pleasing addition to the programme, and we must notice the “Three bears” which much delighted the audience, and the solo singing which gives good promise for the future. One recitation was a really remarkable effort of memory for so young a scholar. At the conclusion of the very successful little concert Mr. Cracroft expressed the feelings of the audience, by complimenting the children and their teacher on the way all had been carried out, and the audience adjourned to the classroom to inspect the results of the term’s work, which reflected great credit on the children, on the headmistress, and the monitress, Miss A. Bell, in charge of the infants. A Collection made at the door by Harry Ball and Willie Butler showed the capital sum of £1 6s. 71/2d. in aid of Lord Kitchener’s memorial fund.

Programme:- Introductory, S. Lawler; “A merry roundelay,” the childrenl ” The photograph,” Lily Rippingdale; “Forward gaily together,” the children; recitation, “The road to heaven,” Kathleen Cabourn; “Slave song,” Nellie Graves and F. Cannon; “Knitting,” Dorothy Potter; play, “The three bears,” the infants; “Three fishers,” Nellie Graves; “Soldiers and sailors,” the children; ” Always ready,” Florence Cannan; “Sweet and low,”; the children; recitation, “The colours of the flag,” Joseph Rippingdale; “The wooden pail” Florence Cannan; “Good night,” eight girls.

20th December 1916

Thanks to the energy of Miss Tattersall, a very pleasing musical entertainment was given by the children of the School on Wednesday, Dec. 20th, the day on which they broke up for the holidays. The general good quality of the voices, the clean enunciation, and the evident results of careful training and discipline were particularly noticeable.

Jan 10th 1917

SCHOLARS’ ENTERTAINMENT. – On Saturday the school children were entertaind to tea at the Vicarage, by the Rev. and Mrs. B.J. Boole. Afterwards a right jolly time was spent with parlour games etc. The Host and Hostess. Master Boodle Miss Tattersall (head teacher), Miss Ball (monitress), Mrs Offord and Miss Mason each contributed to the evening’s enjoyment. Mr. and Mrs. Cracroft also kindly looked in during tea time. Oranges and apples were given to each child on leaving. On Wednesday the children were given a holiday, and in the afternoon a tea was provided for them at the Hall, then followed games, etc., until 6.30, when the concert, arranged by Miss Tattersall, and given in the day school on December 20th, was repeated.

After the singing of the National Anthem, Mr. Cracroft thanked all who had taken part in the programme, also Miss Tattersall for her admirable tuition of the children.  Miss Tattersall suitably replied, and called for three cheers for Mr. and Mrs. Cracroft. Cakes and oranges were given to the children on leaving. Miss Naylor had charge of arrangements for the tea.