Page 5 – Jan 1917

Jan 6th 1917

On the evening of the Epiphany, otherwise Twelfth Night, or January 6th, the children of the Week Day School were entertained at the Vicarage. After tea a number of lively games were played and a merry evening was spent. We are grateful to Miss Tattersall and Miss Annie Ball for their kind help. Fortunately for those who came from Cold Hanworth, the night was fine and the moon was bright for the homeward walk. The good behaviour of the children, in school and out, at work and at play, one cannot help noticing.

 Jan 24th 1917

THE CHURCH CHOIR were entertained to supper at the Vicarage on Wednesday, by the Rev. and Mrs. B.J. Boodle. After partaking of an excellent meal, a thoroughly enjoyable evening was spent in games, etc., and an excellent musical programme was rendered by: The Rev. Boodle, Miss Tattersall, Mr. Wilson, Miss Agnes Wilson, Miss Florence Cannon, Mr H. Weaver, Miss Kathleen Cabourn and Miss Mason. The accompanists were Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. Naylor, Miss Tattersall and Miss Wilson. At the close a vote of thanks was accorded the Rev. and Mrs Boodle, on the motion of Mr. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Foster. The Vicar suitably replied, thanking the choir for their services.

To the Editor: Sir,

I read with interest your report of a Garden Fete at Hackthorn Vicarage when £50-11-1s was realised, in which it was said, that the whole of the day school children were to be taken to Mablethorpe out of the proceeds.

I should like to know why the small children under eight years of age were not allowed to go except on conditions that a parent accompanied them to look after them, I think it very unfair not to include them with the others. I should like to know how it was thought working people with families could afford to pay the fares of 5/- or 7/- to look after their own children. I suggest that it was the teachers place to do that, especially if they are interested in their scholars. But it seems to me the children are only used as a bait to raise the necessary money.

When spoken about it was said they must draw some sort of a line. Did they draw the line when canvassing for goods and money to work the Garden Fete? or when the children were there spending their pennies? NO!

I would volunteer myself to take all the children under eight, give them a good time and bring them back safely if they would allow me the surplus money, and it would not be too much trouble either.

Yours truly, ” A Disgusted Parent”