Page 7 – 1917

10th Feb 1917

ENTERTAINMENT – An enjoyable evening was spent at the Theatre, on Saturday, when the school children, assisted by some adult friends, gave an exceedingly nice entertainment, which was thoroughly appreciated by a good audience. The children entered intor their songs and recitations with great spirit, and refleceted great credit on their teacher, Miss Tattersall. Among so many good items it is difficult to select any for special notice, but the song and dance, ” The Pinafore,” the infant’s “Ladies and Gentlemen,” and the chorus “The Chinaman” (with Harry Ball in costume), won much applause. Among the young soloists werre some giving good promise. Miss Tattersall received a very hearty welcome on her first appearance as a reciter, and the adult portion of the pregramme was well sustained by local talen. At the close of the entertainment, the vicar, the Rev. B. T. Boodle, proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the artistes, and congratulated Miss Tattersall on the good display made by the children. Miss tattersall, in reply, gave her pupils great credit for the way they had worked, and wished specially to thank all the friends who has, in various ways, given her so musch assistance. The collection, including sale of programmes, realised the sum of £2 9s. 21/2d, which , with the collecting box at the Stores (6s. 71/2d.) makes a total of £2 15s. 10d. to be spent on war material. The following is the programme, Miss Tattersall acting as accompanist:- Prologue, Gladys Taylor; choruses, “Where the bee sucks” and “it was a lover,” the children; recitation, “The coutry of let’s pretend,” S. Lawlor; song, “Caller Herrin,” N. Graves; recitation, “My Teddy Bear,” W. Bradshaw; action song,” Ladies and Gentlemen,” the infants; recitation, “The Island,” W. Butler; song and dance, “The Pinafore, ” eight girls; recitation, “A bunch of keys,” G. Clark; recitation, “A Juvenile Jonah,” J Rippingale; song, “Skipping,” M. Ball and L. Rippingale; song, Jeanette and Jeannot,” F. Cannan and N. GRaves; hum chorus, “The Chinaman” (H, Ball), the children; reading, “Gran’muther’s Christmas,” Mrs Cracroft; song, “The pilot,” Mr. Wilson; recitation, “Little pet’s recruit,” Miss A. Ball; song, ” Life’s lullaby,” Miss A. Wilson; song, ” The jolly waggoner,” Mr H. Weaver; recitation. “The jackdaw of Rheims,” Miss Tattersall; song, “A long, long trail” Mr. Wilson; recitation, “In the children’s hospital,” Miss A. Ball; song, “The Volunteer Organist,” Miss A. Wilson; recitation, “A Valentine,” Miss Tattersall; song “John Peel,” Mr H. Weaver; readings, “overcoming Scruples” and “Sam’s Sunday Night,” Mrs Cracroft; play, “Half-an-hour at Dulborough Junction,” characters, Mrs. Wolloughby (F. Cannan), August Fitzgerald (N. Graves), Ruth Brown (K. Cabourn), Mrs Smith (E. Barker), and Mabel Willougby (L. Bradshaw); chorus, ” Bennie Dundee,2 the children; epilogue, G. Taylor.

4th May 1917

PRESENTATION. – An interesting ceremony took place at the day school on Friday morning last week, when the head teacher, Miss Tattersall, was presented with a pair of handsome electro-plated nickel-silver flower vases, subscribed for by the whole of the scholars, on the occasion of her birthday. Miss Ball, the monitress, conveyed the scholars best wishes to their teacher in a neat speech, the actual presentation being entrusted to little Vera Bradshaw, the youngest scholar. Miss Tattersall, who was taken completely by surprise, suitably replied, thanking all who had subscribed.

23rd May 1917

EMPIRE DAY – As an Empire Day Offering, the sum of 4s. 6d. was subscribed for the Overseas’ Club Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Tobacco and Comforts’ Fund. This amount has been forwarded to headquarters by Miss Tattersall, who has received a handsomely coloured roll of honour to hang in the school, and on which the names of all subscribers have been written. Flags were displayed on the Hall, the church tower, the day school and several houses in the village in honour of the day.