Page 8 – 1917

2nd June 1917

CHILDRENS’S CONCERT – A large audience assembled in the Theatre on Saturday evening, when the school children gave great pleasure to their parents and friends by successfully carrying out a long and varied programme arranged by their head teachers (Miss Tattersall). The stage, used for the first time since it has been widened, was charmingly decorated with a large bank of flowers and leaves, and the wider space in front of the pretty scenery showed up the young performers to great advantage. All had contributed to make the evening a success, the neat appearance of the children reflecting great credit on the parents, whilst Mr. clarke, as door-keeper, kept a watchful eye on the takings. Mr Foster attended to the manipulating of the curtain, and Mrs. Naylor’s unseen work in the dressing room was carried out nery successfully. The neatly printed programmes had been contributed by the Vicarm and with so many willing helpers, to whom all thanks are due, the evening proved a most enjoyable one. Miss Tattersall is greatly to be congratulated on the resluts, and was ably seconded by the monitress (Miss Annie Ball), the infants receiving special notice from the audience. It is difficult to select items from so good a programme, the singing, both solos and choruses being of so nice a quality, but “The Babes in the Wood” and the “Marching Song,” bothe given ny the infants, seemed to delight the audience, as did the action song, by boys of Standard I. and II., “The Train.” We must also notice the charming singins of Fred Rose (Lincoln), whose help was much appreciated. The many encores testified to the pleasure given, and made the programme quite a long one, Miss Tattersall and Miss Ball sustaining all of the accompaniments/ A vote of thanks, proposed by the Vicar (Rev B.J. Boodle), and seconded by the Squire, was heartily given, everyone feeling it was well deserved by all who had taken part, and ” God save the King” brought a very pleasant evening to a close. Thanks to the exemption permit, all the takings (£1 15s.) were paid over to the local District Nursing Association. The following took part in the programme :- Prologue, G. Handford and K. Cabourn; songs, N. Graves, H. Taylor, W. Bradshaw, E. Lawlor, H. Barker, F. Rose, F. Cannon. L. Rippingale, M.Ball. K.Cabourn and D. Potter; recitations, S. Lawlor, E. Stephenson, H. Taylor, f. Bradshaw, W. Butler; playlet, “The Babes in the Wood,” by the infants; also choruses by the children, songs by the infants, and epilogue by F. Cannon and W. Butler.

23rd June 1917

WAR SAVINGS. – On Saturday evening the Committee of the Local War Savings Association met in the old schoolroom. Mr Cracroft presided. Miss Tattersall was unanimously elected hon. secrestary, in place of Mr. C.W. Teather, resigned. On motion of Mr Wilson a hearty voted of thanks was accorded to Mr Teather for his valuable help in forming the local association. Mr Teather has consented to remain on the committee, and Mr. R. Foster was also alected an additional member.