The former Methodist Chapel

It is uncertain when the Wesleyan Chapel was built, but it is first mentioned in Kelly’s Directory of 1885.

The chapel was connected to the Market Rasen Circuit. The chapel is built in the same style as many of the houses and the school which are dated to the 1870s.

A surviving Collection Journal shows that a different minister or chairman would take the services every week. The average collection in 1948 would have been about ten shillings; by 1972 the last recorded collection was £4.32. Most services were held in the evenings with special occasions being for circuit aid.

There were two main occasions which were held every year, the first being the Chapel Anniversary held during the months of May or June. Secondly there was the Harvest Festival which appears to have taken place on the first Sunday of each October. After the Harvest Festival a sale would take place with funds raised. The sales began in 1956 raising £14.1 Os of that year. The last sale was held on 9 October 1972 raising £16.541/2

According to the Sunday School register thirty children were on roll in 1930. By the time the Sunday School closed there were only ten children attending. Children were presented with books. There is a record of The Riders by Herbert Strang being presented to Joseph Hall at Christmas 1932 for handwork. Books were also presented to children in July of each year.

Today, the Chapel is used as offices for a company specialising in safaris. The inside has been altered but there are still memorial stones commemorating the lives of the Bratton family on the walls.

Robin Hall & Maria Wass

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