Vicars of Hackthorn

The compilation of a list of incumbents of Hackthorn is an extremely difficult task, especially in the Medieval period, after a mediety of the church was given to the Gilbertine priory of Bullington in the 12th Century.  As rectors of this mediety, the Prior and Convent appointed a vicar to serve the cure, who was usually the vicar appointed by the rector of the other mediety: in fact, from 1277, if not earlier, the vicar served both medieties and came to be appointed by the rectors of the two medieties alternately.  In 1390 the second mediety was appropriated to the Gilbertine priory of St Katherine outside Lincoln, who henceforth presented alternate vicars.  The rectory was a fairly rich one, but before the Reformation most of the proceeds went to these two religious houses who had secured appropriations of it, and after the Reformation into the hands of lay impropriators.  As the vicarage was poor, it is not surprising that no vicars were instituted to it from 1662, or perhaps from the Civil Wars, until 1773.  During this period it was served by curates by sequestration, often clergy from nearby parishes.

The following list of vicars has been abridged from a list of incumbents at Hackthorn compiled by Doctor Mary Finch of the Lincolnshire Archives Office:-

Date                                                      Vicar

c 1190                                                    Walter

c 1225                                                    Robert son of Gilbert

—–                                                        Henry

1233                                                    Robert de Wrageby

c 1240                                                    John

1243                                                     Ralph de Salmonby

—–                                                        Thomas

1277                                                     John de Hockistowe

1298                                                     Richard de Houton

—-                                                         John

1349                                                     William de Upton

1351                                                     William, son of John de Lafford of Louth

1354                                                     John de Hemyngby

1361                                                     John Ingram of Spridlington

—-                                                       Peter Lissington

1389                                                     John South

1432                                                     William Hawkeswell

1462                                                     Richard Wayneflete, Abbott of Kirkstead

1465                                                     John Staynfield, Canon of St Katherines Priory

—-                                                         John Mynting

1490                                                     Richard Wytheryn

1500                                                     John Bradley, Canon of Bullington

1524                                                     John Gilson

The above were for the most part appointed by the Prior and Convent of Bullington or of St Katherine

1541                                                     Thomas Boys

1576                                                     A vacancy

1579                                                     Henry Helson

1592                                                     George Dale

1597                                                     Christopher Fielden

1603                                                     William Lincoln

1610                                                     Christopher Ridding

1631                                                     Thomas Eland

1633                                                     Edward Smith

1639                                                     John Lincoln

No further vicars appear to have been appointed till 1773, but the following signed parish register transcripts during this period:-

1662-1673                                            George Langley, Rector of Cold Hanworth

1674-1679                                            Thomas Elford

1680                                                      Thomas Gibson

1682-1688                                            Robert Dixon

1689-1715                                            Joseph Lister, Rector of Cold Hanworth

1717-1724                                            John Eastland, A.B. Rector of Cold Hanworth from 1716

1725-1753                                            John Arnold, Curate, William Cheales, Rector of Wickenby, H Best, John Wynn, intermittently

1754-1758                                            Ce Willis

1759-1761                                            J Langhorne

1762-1765                                            Josiah Johnson

1766-1773                                            Tillotson Laycock

From 1773 there follows an unbroken line of Institutions to the vicarage as follows:-

1773                                                       Tillotson Laycock (Incumbent also of Ingham, Cammeringham & Owersby)

1813                                                       Thomas Brown

1821                                                       John Cracroft the younger

1827                                                       Hibbert Binney

1844                                                       Edwin George Jarvis

1877                                                       Charles Henry Fairfax

1895                                                       William Hathorn Mills

1902                                                       Thomas William Hills

1916                                                       Benjamin James Boodle

1923                                                       John Duncan Jowitt

1947                                                       Arthur James Westcott

1954                                                       Henry Bursey (in plurality with Spridlington)

1959                                                       Richard Laurence Crampton (with Spridlington)

1963                                                       Michael Roy Sinker, Archdeacon of Stow

1967                                                       Sidney Harvie Clarke, Archdeacon of Stow

1975                                                       David Scott, Archdeacon of Stow

1989                                                       Roderick John Wells, Archdeacon of Stow

1993                                                       Ivan Richard Howitt (with the Owmby Group of Parishes)